Welcome To Pokemon 0pal!

Welcome to Pokemon 0pal, where anyone can join in our community of Pokemon lovers in a virtual RPG constructed by images and words in the setting of the Rohwen region. There are new never-before-seen Pokemon, and plenty of cities and towns to explore. Who can deny the fun of a new region? So join today!

Before you join, please take a look at the Rules page ( https://pokemon0pal.wordpress.com/rules/).

Start your adventure here by introducing yourself on this thread(make sure you give yourself an awesome name!). State which Pokemon (starter or Pikachu, please; other starters can be found throughout the game)  you’ll like to start with and what gender it is. Also tell us which town you’ll like to start in, no cities please(map will be on soon). Then email one of our administrators a picture of whatever sprite you want or  choose one we already have (https://pokemon0pal.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/sprites/). Soon you’ll have your own password-protected post and can start your adventure! Your password will be mailed to you by one of our administrators.

If you have joined successfully, you’ll find your character name on the Member’s page (listed Alphabetically) by the time you receive your email. Don’t despair if it takes day, as this is run by real people. We promise we’re not robots. Join today and start your adventure!

*this is obviously free, so have no worries!



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6 responses to “Welcome To Pokemon 0pal!

  1. I’ll start this by setting up a Pokemon 0pal account. My name is 0pal, I’ll start in the town of Flashline with a female Pikachu. Everything else will slowly fall into place, so no worries to anyone.

  2. Palkio Dialgo

    Thank you very much!

  3. Palkio Dialgo

    I like your website. Can I join in your game? I’ll start with a male Piplup, in Volcanorock Town. Thank you very much!

  4. PokemonLove

    Maybe I’ll come someday, when I have time. as for now, keep up the good work, 0pal!

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