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July 19: More Pokemon Incoming Soon!

More 0pal Pokemon to be uploaded soon, including Embrienna, Wooduck, Treestark, Gasipup, Baskerhorn, Sunstar, Moonuring, Solidorb, Lunible, Pamboo, Purmigrowl, Luveros, Marswann, Zangoose2, Prattle, and Vikobra. There are even more, of course, all probably coming soon. Keep an eye out!


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June 18th: New Pokemon Incoming!

New Pokemon will be coming to Pokemon 0pal! Check the PokeDex for the newest Pokemon and look for them all around the site! Maybe you’ll be the first to catch one!

Today we will be welcoming evolutions of old friends and many new friends.

So here we will meet three new Eeveelutions: Wispeon, Drilleon, and Eeveon; evolution of Mantine: Mantide; and evolution of Luvdisc: Luvish.

Pokemon new to the Pokemon world includes Mayee and its evolution Mayoon; Wurbu and evolution Wurbretta; Frimbu and evolution Flamiono; and Sunstar. Also introducing two new legendaries: Deliria and Swipiria.

Look around and see if you can find any of them around. And good luck on your Pokemon Journey!

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