Pokemon 0pal


Pokemon 0pal is set in the Rohwen region. (By the way, that’s a zero as the first letter of 0pal). The map of the region can be found at


There are many new Pokemon found in the Rohwen region, as well as all the Pokemon that exists in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. With hundreds of well-known Pokemon and many new ones, Pokemon 0pal is an exciting experience. The legendaries also roam around, and though no one will be able to capture them, the legendaries may decide to follow you on your journey.

Pokemon 0pal also allows each trainer to carry around 14 Pokemon at a time, as though that may seem a lot, with such a large number of Pokemon around, it will be hard to take just 6 with you.


There are a variety of Pokemon around Pokemon 0pal, including several new Pokemon and all the Pokemon from the four generations. But instead of having shiny Pokemon, Pokemon 0pal has inverted Pokemon, which means the Pokemon’s colors are inverted. Such Pokemon are called P0kem0n (note that the ‘o’s are actually zeroes). These Pokemon are rare, and chances to capture them will be offered to trainers on certain days (maybe their birthday).

The main P0kem0n(with zeroes) is T0piew(once again a zero in there), which is an Inverted Mew. The whole Pokemon 0pal is based on it as you can see from the header.

To Join:

You can start your journey at the Welcome To Pokemon 0pal Post. You can find that at


You may also like to take a look at the rules, which can be found at


When you begin, you will have a profile post which will be public and a password-protected post which will be only yours to view. The password will be emailed to you by one of the administrators. You can edit your profile by emailing one of the administrators(see Members page)

You will start with a starter or Pikachu, which you can pick yourself. You also get to choose the gender of the Pokemon. In your account will be 13 PokeBalls and $1000. Then you can start playing.

How To Play:

To play, you go into your private post and tell the administrator where you want to go there. Then you may receive the password to the posts of the places you wanted to go. Your account will indicate where you are at the moment. Unlike other pokemon games, Pokemon 0pal is constructed sorely of pictures and words, so there will not be little buttons you can click to go somewhere. The playing process will be very slow, since there are a limited amount of administrators, and the administrators have to do all the work. It can take day, but please be patient.


Founder Of the Site: PokemonLove

Administration: 0pal